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We know that every customer of ours has their own unique requirements and challenges, and we understand that this is no different for your customers. That is why we take the time to listen and focus on the problem that needs solving.

This enables us to deliver configurable solutions that meet your customers demands, which takes the pressure off you and your team, so you can concentrate on R&D and growing your business.

At QuickCircuit our expertise isn’t solely limited to PCBA manufacturing but extends into all areas of manufacturing such as mechanical engineering and box build assembly. Our engineering team are on hand to support and guide you every step of the way.

Our procurement teams work closely with engineering and packaging suppliers on final assembly components, establishing forecasted and buffer stocking options to gain the best price while minimising your leadtime. 

Our production assembly teams build product to kanban-ready distribution systems so we can deliver in the shortest possible timeframes.

We will work with you to tailor design solutions and product configurations specific to your customers needs, from start to finish.

Surface Mount Technology

Our automated surface mount production lines consistently deliver top quality assemblies for a diverse range of technologies.

With our strong emphasis on Statistical Process Control (SPC) we continually analyse our systems to eliminate potential quality issues, ensuring our customers receive world class assemblies first time.

Our in-line SMT manufacturing lines consist of:

  • In-Line Fully Automatic Screen Printers – With repeatability performance of ± 12,5µm @ 6 Sigma the Ekra X4 offers extremely high levels of precision.

  • Advanced Pick & Place – QuickCircuit utilises Samsung SMT placement machines. These machines provide 100% optical pre-placement component inspection, allowing the placement of the very latest SMT components such as micro pitch QFP’s, BGA’s, CSP and other new generation packaging technologies.  QuickCircuit regularly invests in new placement machines and upgrades, with out latest equipment 01005 capable. 

Automated Inspection Systems – Using Mirtec AOI equipment we are able to thoroughly inspect our PCB assemblies to ensure they meet our stringent quality requirements. The very best in automated optical inspection equipment provides consistent in-line monitoring of all surface mount assemblies with real time feedback to production managers and technicians

Selective Soldering

The area of through-hole soldering continues to develop and QuickCircuit remain commited to ensuring we have the latest equipment to meet quality and throughput requirements.  To do this we have invested in selective soldering machines to enable pin by pin soldering on double sided SMT PCBA.

  • EBSO SPA Selective Soldering Machines – These machines come fully equipped with multiple nozzles and fluxers to ensure we can precisely manoeuvre around SMT components. Each machine is indiviually configured by product to maximise throughput while ensuring adequate barrel fill is achieved to meet IPC class requirements. They are nitrogen filled via our in-house nitrogen generator delivering 99.999% purity to guarantee the perfect solder joint.


Conformal Coating & Adhesive Application

Products requiring repeatable precise conformal coating or adhesive application are processed through our robotic applicators and fume chamber. These applicators are capable of precision controlled dispensing and spraying, removing the risk of over or under application, ensuring consistent throughput.


Mechanical Assembly

When it comes to mechanical assembly you need a team who will work with you to reduce assembly time by utilising lean manufacturing methodologies while providing advice on design and assembly jigs.

Cycle time is a big focus in our mechanical assembly area. If a product isn’t designed for lean manufacturing then costs can quickly escalate. Every detail surrounding component selection, accessibility to fixings and tool selection needs to be well thought out. This is why we offer to work with you from the early stages of design, to ensure you are guided in best practice design priciples that will ultimately result in a lower cost assembly.

Firmware Progamming & Functional Testing

When it comes to quality control, no assembly-level inspections can surpass the confidence that is assured by undertaking full functional testing.

To ensure no internal component level or PCB trace failures exist, we recommend every unit is run through a functional test jig as part of an in-line production process. By doing this, any failures can be recognised and feedback given directly to the production teams and engineers without delay.

We can provide advice, basic design and even build low level functional testers for you, but we strongly recommend you invest in advanced automated testers which cover off all aspects of functional testing for your product.

By utilising fully automated testers you can remove human error from your testing process and further lower your production costs to achieve a cost neutral process.


Other Manufacturing Services


  • Cable Manufacture – In-house stripping and crimping machines ensure we don’t have to outsource simple cable manufacturing.

  • Labels & Packaging – With worldwide contacts and in-house printers we can design and produce custom labels with unique serial numbers in an in-line production environment.

  • Environmental Chamber – Our environmental chamber allows you the option of processing units through a range of humidity and temperatures prior to functional testing, to further grow your confidence in your design and our processes.