Engineering Support

Design for manufacture



Our engineering team works closely with our account managers, customers and our production teams so that everyone has all the information needed to streamline new product introduction. This team has extensive knowledge in all areas of manufacturing from electronic design through to PCB panelisation and mechanical engineering. They live and breathe best practice lean manufacturing concepts, and are on hand to provide any assistance they can in your design or production process.

Product Risk Analysis (PRA/PFMEA)
We spend the time upfront to analyse all aspects of the manufacturing pack, ensuring we are ready for production and take time to identify areas of concern that may need further process controls when production starts.

Design for Manufacture (DFM)
A by-product of the PRA and PFMEA process will be a DFM report. Any areas of concern we identify with the design of the product, or potential areas of failure, will be documented and delivered to you for review, before you commit to material and production.

PCB Panelisation Stencil Design
A well designed PCB panel will drive down cost of material, production processes and result in lower production failures. Our experts apply best practice to limit unnecessary fabrication processes and material, while ensuring the PCB meets production requirements for size, rigidity and throughput. The stencil design is critical to SMT production quality so alot of time is placed into the design of these apertures.

Work & Audit Instructions
The engineering team will advise and assist in the building of our internal work instruction documents. This is a live paperless system that allows for quick documented changes to be undertaken and given to the production line without delay. Further to our work instruction system, we have an in-production auditing system that alerts our line leaders to the requirement of a product audit based on set AQL limits.

Engineering Changes (ECN/ECO)
Documentation, documentation, documentation! You’re only as good as your documentation and that is very true when it comes to engineering changes. Our strict and yet agile ECN processes, Bill of Material databases, combined with our process control systems mean your product changes, recalls and stop shipment requirements are in the best hands.

Incoming Inspection
When it comes to receipt of material from global suppliers we take the time to ensure the component we have received is the component you wanted. Through the identification in the PRA/PFMEA process, or via supplier auditing we may identify the need for further checks to be conducted before we accept components into production. We will design and implement incoming inspection requirements.

Non Conformance & Corrective Actions
An outcome of our production systems, auditing and component inspection failures is our non-conformance and corrective action system. This system drives continuous improvement in our facilities with all detailed reports available for our customers.