Full Product BOM Procurement


With the bulk of your manufacturing cost accumulated through materials, our objective is to get you the best price, best product at the shortest lead times.

Our procurement teams are located in Christchurch and Shenzhen, China, and are dedicated to sourcing components from all around the world. Our teams have exceptional skills and experience working with global suppliers to ensure we get the best stocking options to suit your requirements.

We can source any component you need, from PCBs, electronic & mechanical components, tools or packaging. If you already have stock on hand or would like to maintain some level of the supply chain we are happy to work around whatever works best for you. We can source and supply just part of your build requirements, and if your production run is relatively small you can take advantage of our components that are bought in larger volumes at more competitive prices.



Utilising our custom built ERP system we can offer aerospace level tracebility options complete with component level Certificate of conformace and setup supply chain and reporting for UL requirements.


Our customer web portal allows you direct access to purchasing information for your product including product stock status, delivery schedule, liability and stock on hand reports.

Conflict Minerals

QuickCircuit is committed to delivering quality products that are ethically, socially and environmentally responsible.