18th March 2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

QuickCircuit (QC) management continue to regularly monitor the Ministry of Health (MOH) website as well as the media releases from the NZ Government.  Over the past few days, the New Zealand Government has added a number of precautions to fight the Covid-19 Virus within New Zealand.

With the direction of the MOH and the NZ Government, QC has put in place strategies to ensure the safety of staff, visitors and of course supply continuity.

We continue to work hard to ensure component supply chains are effectively managed and we have been putting in extra provisions to ensure timely deliveries of stock. We have two manufacturing sites (Auckland and Christchurch) to ensure we are well placed in terms of business continuity, should there be any issue regarding to isolation requirements.

We are also doing the following:

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been in put in place, with production staff allocation of masks and gloves.
  • Any staff with any signs of illness are to immediately go home and return only after medical approval.
  • Management and customer support staff have full working from home capabilities should this be necessary to assist in off-site management.
  • We will be limiting visitors to QC (both suppliers and customers).
    • Any non-essential visits will be delayed and/or done via electronic means (phone, video conference).
  • Regular staff and customer updates from MOH and NZ Government press releases on expectations.

We hope that the situation can be sorted in a quick time frame to ensure that the number of affected people is kept to a minimum and people can safely continue on.  We will continue to monitor the guidelines of the MOH and NZ Government and ensure that we meet the requirements as specified by these expert organizations.

Yours Sincerely,

Warren Yee
Managing Director