Process Control

We employ a real-time analysis of the production process through Statistical Process Control (SPC) to identify problem areas on the production floor as it happens.

This allows corrective actions to be taken immediately. The key advantage is the elimination of errors at a very early stage in production and with previous build data available it enables issues to be prompted ahead of time.

QuickCircuit uses the following SPC techniques to ensure a high quality end-product:

Factory Projected – Real Time Factory Floor Monitoring.

Skills Matrix – Operators only with the correct skill level can perform work on a job.

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) – A High Resolution Camera inspecting every component on the board.

PRA (Product Risk Analysis) – Performed on build information with alerts to the floor and management.

Full traceability – Products down to PCB/component level.

Route Authorisation – Ensure products have gone through all their required processes and have passed.

Paperless Production Environment – All documentation, pre-job reviews and work instructions provided via multimedia and web.

Customer Web Portal – View manufacturing BOMs, any ECN’s or concessions, the Manufacturing routes in real-time plus emailed Track & Trace functionality.