Traceability & Tracking

Traceability is an integral part of the QC manufacturing system. With the entire ERP system built in-house from the ground up, the processes and tracking systems that are used within QC allow for traceability of specific components down to the board level.

Our traceability enables QC customer reporting that reflects any potential for failure within specific units if a manufacturing or component defect is found. This allows our customers to review or recall specific batches of product.

Every PCBA produced is given a unique alpha-numeric 2D unit ID barcode that is scanned at each stage of the manufacturing process. Each PCBA must have been scanned as passed before it can move on to the next stage or be shipped. All QC-sourced components are tracked via QC part numbers that contain specific manufacturers’ batch code information which is logged against every batch of components ordered and received.

The combination of PCBA barcode tracking and QC part number batch tracking means we can provide customers with the ability to batch track all levels of their product down to component level.