Quality systems

At QuickCircuit, the quality management system applies to all products, their manufacturing, their delivery and their recycling and are processed under the control of the system.

The system is used to minimise the environmental impact of QuickCircuit as an organisation and all significant aspects are reviewed. The system complies with all regulatory requirements and is driven by the quality and environmental objectives defined by management.


QuickCircuit is proud of its quality processes and has invested heavily in both systems and staff to ensure that the best possible outputs are realised for our customers. Since QC was founded we have always based our processes on the ISO9001 standard.  In 2011 official certification of ISO9001:2008 was granted by Telarc. We are very happy to see our re-certification granted for 2014 which also includes our Wellington site.

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As an environmentally aware company, QC has received certification of ISO14001:2004 as of December 2012 and our re-certification in 2014 with inclusion of our Wellington site.

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QC has invested in an in-house IPC-A-610 Certified Trainer to train QC staff in this worldwide recognised inspection criteria for electronic manufacturing. Having the trainer in-house allows for on-going training of staff in the IPC requirements as well as offering training to customers. Should you wish to be a part of a training course that QC is running for IPC, please discuss this with an Account Manager who will be happy to help you be part of an upcoming course.

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