Key to our success is our ability to make customer requirements happen.6

Whether we have the right processes or equipment needed we often are developing new lines to see a product be created.

The can-do attitude of our staff enables us to see hundreds of different product designs come through our doors.

Our production floor is running four manufacturing lines (11x Samsung SMT Pick & Place Machines).

The Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) on our SMT lines offers detailed inspection of every part and its placement.

Wave soldering, hand soldering and a selective soldering machine provides multiple options for product runs.

Other equipment includes:

  • Environmental Testing Chamber
  • Nitrogen Generation
  • Robotic Glue Dispensing

For products that require protection from the elements, we can cover circuit boards with a conformal coating to ensure that humidity, water and sun don’t damage product componentry.

Our in-house software team dedicated to ERP, MES including; production floor traceability, unit tracking, serialisation, part location control.

For your product we can run traceability to aviation industry requirements if required. A Code of Conformance system is already integrated in our IT system.